Meet The Company: Tmesis Theatre
May 9, 2011, 11:59 am
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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Elinor Randle and I’m part of Tmesis Theatre who are leading the PhysicalFest!

How did you first become interested in Physical Theatre?

I always liked doing physical comedy from when I was at University, which led me to apply after I did my degree, for what used to be the Physical Theatre Programme at Hope Street Ltd which I did in 2003. This was an amazing course where you did six months of workshops and three productions directed by physical practitioners, at the Unity as a company. This was when I really fell in love with physical theatre and found I enjoyed the really physical and more movement based work, which I wanted to develop. This is also where I met my creative partner, Yorgos.

What’s Tmesis all about?

Tmesis is myself and Yorgos Karamalegos- we formed as a company after leaving Hope Street in 2003. The first piece we did was a short piece for the Unity Scratch Season in 2003, we then went on to create four professional pieces which have toured nationally and internationally- Tmesis, Memento Mori, Anima and The Dreadful Hours. After being fed up of always having to travel to take part in good workshops ,we decided to create our own festival, Physical Fest, and bring the workshops to us in Liverpool! We are now on Physical Fest 7, and people come from all over the world to take part in the unique eight day festival as it’s the only specialised physical theatre workshop festival in Europe. We also get the chance to bring some great shows to Liverpool and some northwest premieres from amazing artists who’ve never been to Liverpool such as Yoshi Oida and Derevo.

Why should people come to see Double Bill and Fest Live?

The double bill is an excellent chance to see two highly skilled companies with very different styles of work in one evening. Some Other Future is an all male beautiful and moving duet with dancers from the fantastic Scottish Dance Theatre. this short piece is followed by The Big Smoke from Theatre Ad Infinitum. We’ve been following the company since we came across their first piece, Behind the Mirror in Edinburgh in 2008 which we loved. they create really skillful, captivating and interesting work and last came to the Unity with the one man show, The Oddessy. This show is a solo from the female in the company and is a unique and touching exploration of madness.

What does Unity Theatre mean to you?

The Unity Theatre have supported our company since it’s inception, our first three shows premiered there and we have benefitted greatly from the support and encouragement from Artistic Director, Graeme Phillips and lighting designer from the technical manager Phil Saunders. I love the work the Unity brings to Liverpool and the theatre is a fantastic space to perform in. We are looking forward to premiering our new show when we return to the Unity next year!


Retro John Barnes and tales from the marketing desk…
May 5, 2011, 6:13 pm
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After an absence of a couple of weeks, we’ve returned to the blog to report what we’ve been upto in the Marketing Department and beyond, and explain about “Retro John Barnes”!

Unity has a huge amount of shows passing through our doors every year; well over 100 different events of varying sizes and needs! Inevitably this means we have to find a balance between the short term projects (usually, but not always shows coming up in the next 3 months) and long term projects. Our biggest project of the last few months has been preparations for our new box office system, which, fingers crossed will make online bookings easier and cheaper, in person booking faster and will generally make everyone’s life easier! Expect the new box office joy to go online at the end of July!

(John Barnes information coming soon… at the bottom of the page)

We’ve also started planning for our Autumn season launch, where we’ll be releasing a mini-brochure as well as our new-look full brochure. We’ve already confirmed one or two productions including the return of a couple of internationally acclaimed companies, award-winning comedians and the next of our popular acoustic nights!

You’ve hopefully noticed we’ve revamped the website which should be increasingly cool and funky. We added a facebook feed on some of the pages so you can keep up to date with us at all times!

In other news we have 2 advertising spaces in our season brochure which we’ll be approaching companies about using! Current advertisers are Host and The Carriageworks at Hope Street Hotel – follow them on twitter for all the latest news and offers (we’re a particular fan of Host’s curry!).

And finally, the moment you’ve been looking forward to, we have been given a collection of retro John Barnes Footballer Of The Year 1988 posters by one of our lovely Unity Angels, they’re pretty cool and all proceeds we make from selling them will go to our youth theatre! If you’d like to get hold of one, then comment below with your e-mail address and I’ll e-mail details!

Marketing, bizarre and never boring.

Meet the staff! Rachael (Marketing & Press Officer)
April 15, 2011, 11:34 am
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I’m Rachael and I work as the Marketing and Press Officer for Unity Theatre. I’ve been in this role for about 3 years now, with the 3 years before that spent between Marketing and Box Office. In total I’ve worked here for 6 years!

What do I do?

The job itself is a very busy one – due to the turnover of shows we have on here at Unity – normally about 4 – 5 per week – each one a different genre from the next so if you can imagine the amount of marketing activity for one show and times that by 5! My role includes writing press releases, updating and adding content onto the website, using twitter and other social media forms, managing mail outs, attending meetings and communication with our audience and people who use the building!

I also make sure that my other members of my team are behaving themselves – I am the only girl in our department!

I’m the longest standing member of the team here which means I have the most past knowledge about shows and companies that have visited Unity. I’m not sure if this is always a good thing as it’s questions-a-plenty all the time!

How did you get into the job?

I applied for a part time position as a Ticket Office Assistant many moons ago after I’d finished my Degree.  It’s very amusing because I actually didn’t get the job first time round but then the position became available again after a week or so and Unity were in desperate need of someone to start right away so I said yes. I’m not mentioning any names who didn’t employ me the first time round but he’s now the Marketing Manager at The Empire Theatre, Liverpool (now good friends!).

After working on the Ticket Office for about a year I became interested in Marketing. I took on extra roles in the marketing department such as distribution, organising mailings etc –I would throw my hand to anything! A position came up to cover the Marketing Assistant role so I snapped it up and I’ve been here ever since. Eeek!

What have you achieved since joining?

So much is the short answer! Not only have I learnt many things about Arts Marketing, but a huge amount about how arts organisations work. I’ve been here though the lead up to the Capital of Culture which was so exciting. There was such a buzz beforehand and during in the city. I got to experience many exciting shows, performance and events and be central and involved in it. I feel very privileged to have been a part of such a changing time to the city of Liverpool.

Not only have I achieved lots with the organisation, but on a personal level I’ve had the opportunity to take up different forms of training. I’ve completed the TMA  Druidstones’ Essentials In Marketing course in 2009, been to various AMA conferences and Seminars, First Aid Courses and most recently I completed and NVQ Level 5 in Business Management. Unity have been very supportive in helping me in my own personal development- so thank you!

Best parts to the job?

One of the best parts of my job is given the opportunity to watch some amazing shows. Before starting at Unity I had limited theatrical knowledge (can I write that?).  Another great part of the job is the opportunity to meet so many different people ranging from actors, community workers, workshop leaders, councillors, as well as many other Arts Marketing ‘folk’ from other organisations. You also get another 20 or so Christmas cards (if you’re lucky!!) which is great! I enjoy working with such a lovely bunch of people. We are like a little family here at Unity which I doubt it’s like in many other larger organisations.

Most difficult parts of the job?

I guess the long days – often when there is a press night you don’t leave the theatre until 11pm on some nights. The workload can be heavy sometimes but in the end the result of an audience makes it worth the efforts. The good points always outweigh the bad. I tend to be asked constantly by my friends ‘ when’s that play on?’  or ‘Are there any tickets left???’ In which case I reply – take a look at our website http://www.unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk

Oh dear did I just end on that?

So, what do the wonderful staff at unity actually do? Meet Sam!
April 11, 2011, 2:42 pm
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Sam Freeman – Marketing Manager

So Sam what are your day-to-day tasks at unity?

My day to day tasks vary massively, essentially I’m responsible for the overall communications of Unity Theatre, so everything from brochures, websites and e-mails to looking at organisational marketing strategy and budgeting. It’s a really challenging job but also incredibly fun. Most people imagine that Marketing and PR are really boring, but it’s increasingly less about marketing to an audience and instead looking at how we interact and provide our audience with a better, more enjoyable experience. We’re often at the centre of discussions within the organisation from an administrative perspective so it’s fast-moving, constant and pretty intense!

How long have you worked at unity?

I’m the new boy at the theatre having been here since June 2010! Previously I worked at York Theatre Royal as Marketing Officer and as Artistic Director for TakeOver ’09.

What have you enjoyed since working at unity?

It’s been great to come into an organisation at a point of development where, because of the cuts, we have had to look at all aspects of both our marketing but also the entire organisation. This creates great opportunity to define our focus, really find who we want to be and look to the future and think ambitiously about what we want to achieve. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great productions, Gold Mountain as an international co-production with French Canadian company Les Deux Mondes creating bi-lingual print and a massive campaign but also For The Best which got amazing 5 star reviews and meant liaising with 8+ partners. I’m also really lucky to have a great team around me!

Is there anything you would change about unity or your job?

I’m not sure I’d change anything about Unity. I say that while having a Marketing strategy with 9 pages of things to achieve to make sure we’re the best theatre in Merseyside/North West/ Northern England/The World by the end of the plan.. I’m a little competitive and want us to be the best. It’s a job where the phrase ‘good enough’ should never be used. If anyone has any suggestions I’m always happy to listen (or indeed grab a coffee to talk them through)!

Check back soon where we’ll have another unity staff member talking about what they do at unity and what it means to them.

So, what do the wonderful staff at unity actually do?
April 7, 2011, 12:04 pm
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Paul Dunbar – Marketing & Distribution Officer

So Paul, what are your day-to-day tasks at unity?

My usual day-to-day tasks at unity are to design and send the weekly E-Bulletin to all 3000+ unity mailing listers, update print in front of house, update website listings and general maintenance of the site, ‘facebooking’ and ‘tweeting’, liaise with distribution companies and carry out distribution across the city, cover box office and liaise with companies who are bringing their show to us regarding print, video content for the web and photos.

How long have you worked at unity?

I’ve been in this position now since October 2009, doesn’t seem that long?! It’s flew by! But I was on an apprenticeship scheme in 2008 called ‘Creative Apprenticeships’ and studied Community Arts Management here at unity for a year, so technically I’ve been here since 2008.

What have you enjoyed since working at unity?

The many different opportunities it throws up and the exciting things that you can get involved with. The unity is a very ‘open-arms’ and ‘broad-minded’ organisation which again, can throw opportunities your way. For example, I had the pleasure of being a part of ‘Upside Down, Wrong Way Round’ in which I lead on creating the music along side ‘Hope Street Ltd Apprentices’ Jen Cattrell and Matthew Groves. This was an amazing opportunity and I’m so proud of what was created and would definately take part in a project like that again at unity.

Is there anything you would change about unity or your job?

To be honest, there have been so many changes at unity already for the better and there are going to be so many more, so there’s nothing I would change about unity or my job. It’s just exciting to see unity flourish again and rapidly get back to where it deserves to be.

Check back soon where we’ll have another unity staff member talking about what they do at unity and what it means to them.

Tell us what you think – Summer Brochure!
March 25, 2011, 6:23 pm
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Tell us what you think of our new summer brochure!

Add your comments below!

Exciting things afoot…
March 17, 2011, 5:59 pm
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Hello! Welcome back! Nice to see you (you know what I mean!)!

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d get you up to date with what’s been going on..

Essentially lots. Loads. A huge amount. An indescribable amount. Well maybe not that bad, but lots…

So, here goes:

  • Our new brochure is finished and in in the building! We really like it and we hope you do too! It’ll be distributed and mailed out in the next few weeks but for those who’d like a sneak peak then you can have a look here. http://issuu.com/unitytheatre/docs/final_draft
    (Everything goes onsale next Thursday morning by the way!!!)
  • Our website is being redone as we speak (literally right now) and will be going live at sometime on Monday (you’ll still be able to book though!)
  • We’re redesigning our weekly e-mail (it looks really cool, not quite finished but sign up for our mailing list and you’ll get to see it!)
  • The new box office system is heading quickly towards confirmed, it’ll look like it’ll do all sorts of cool stuff and will most probably be booking fee free!!!

Meanwhile the biscuit situation in the office has veered off course with an unexpected influx of  Butter Biscuits…

What biscuits would you recommend for a hard-working arts office? What is the perfect arts biscuit? (We’ve ruled Hobnobs because of their lack of flair..)

All the best!