Meet Madhatters (Blind Faith)
June 1, 2011, 10:50 am
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Who are you and what do you do?

Rebecca Hill or Madhatters Dance and Drama Academy

Tell us a bit more about the show you’re performing at Unity?

It’s a story of a group of friends at a festival, dealing with life i guess and the complexities that come with it like the lost hope, trust, breakdowns of relationships, it’s just a story and a journey of a group of friends where the dynamic has changed and how people react to this, it’s a show trying to make theatre for all backgrounds and ages dealing with issues we can all relate to, the show is aiming to make theatre contemporary, exciting and engaging.


Blind Faith

Blind FaithAny interesting stories from rehearsal?

They’ve been entertaining to say the least, is it sad to say they’ve been the highlight of my week, we ended up recording them because too much comedy was happening, but gossip wise we’ve had romances blossom LOL, a masterclass from Jo Hartley that was interesting to say the least (hence some of the one liners in the play) but talk about an inspirational woman, our rehearsals have just been a whole lot of fun if i’m being honest, i can’t really pick out any single moments but we did go to the beach for a rehearsal and have people stop and watch us as we rapped Empire State of Mind 😉 they were highly entertained and obviously thought we were Jay Z LOL

What’s the best thing about Unity?

The fact that there not afraid, they take a chance to put on theatre for different audiences, the unity is a theatre providing the opportunities for local people and new talent to do the thing they love and to do it well, The Unity unites people, creating a place where people have the chance to shine.

Best show you’ve seen at Unity?

I’m going to be biased and say Wishful Thinking 😉 but to be fair Christine Tremarco did say it was Inspiring and Nicky Alt called it Brilliant, so yeah Wishful Thinking because on the last night it did feel like electricity in the room, I’ll never forget that play

Best show you’ve seen elsewhere?

I’d have to say Ghost Boy because of it’s style, the lighting was incredible and Tachia Newall was amazing in it and came straight onto our play from it, i went to see that play twice and it still had me hooked- the beatboxer was was unreal

What advice would you give to someone wanting a career in theatre?

I don’t think i’m in any position to give advice on careers; but i just think it’s finding that thing you love and doing it as best you can, i think whatever career you want do, do it because you love it, because it inspires you, for me and writing i guess it’s about not being afraid and trusting what you do- be yourself, if you believe; sometimes it shines through


Meet Donna Lesley Price (Playwright)
May 27, 2011, 4:38 pm
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Hi Donna, welcome to the Unity Theatre Blog!


So tell us a bit about your company Boom Boom Baby!

Boom Boom Baby is an ideas factory created by myselfe and Richie Grice, whose purpose is to create and perform new and entertaining Populist theatre. If the Shoe Fits is our first production which has been successfuly performed to sell out audiences in the past. Like good bottle of wine this comedy has matured to it’s full flavour. We look forward to bringing new projects to the stage.

If The Shoe Fits

So how did If the Shoe Fits come into existance?

If the Shoe Fits was first performed at the JH Makin Theatre and then went on the road to the Gladstone Theatre, the Little Theatre, Liverpool Actor’s Studio and Unity Theatre. This much loved comedy is being made into a feature film due for release in 2012.

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals are a lot of fun and laughs. We’ve never had so much fun with our clothes on!!

What’s your favourite thing about Unity?

The Unity is very effienctly run and the staff are very helpfull and provide a lot of support that is sadly lacking in other theatres.

What’s the best show you’ve seen at Unity?

Best show at the Unity is Blackberry Trout Face (Editor’s Note: returning this Autumn!!) 

And the best show you’ve seen away from Unity?

Very hard one this but I’m going to name a few……Lost Monsters, Canary, Hansel and Gretel, and the 39 Steps.

What advice would you give someone wanting a career in theatre?

Do everything, never give up, be disciplined, listen, learn, be dedicated, be a team player, no role is too small, be strong. You have to be prepared to work very hard in this career and realise that it is not easy and can be very frustrating.

Donna, thank you very much!

Thank you!

Meet The Company: Tmesis Theatre
May 9, 2011, 11:59 am
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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Elinor Randle and I’m part of Tmesis Theatre who are leading the PhysicalFest!

How did you first become interested in Physical Theatre?

I always liked doing physical comedy from when I was at University, which led me to apply after I did my degree, for what used to be the Physical Theatre Programme at Hope Street Ltd which I did in 2003. This was an amazing course where you did six months of workshops and three productions directed by physical practitioners, at the Unity as a company. This was when I really fell in love with physical theatre and found I enjoyed the really physical and more movement based work, which I wanted to develop. This is also where I met my creative partner, Yorgos.

What’s Tmesis all about?

Tmesis is myself and Yorgos Karamalegos- we formed as a company after leaving Hope Street in 2003. The first piece we did was a short piece for the Unity Scratch Season in 2003, we then went on to create four professional pieces which have toured nationally and internationally- Tmesis, Memento Mori, Anima and The Dreadful Hours. After being fed up of always having to travel to take part in good workshops ,we decided to create our own festival, Physical Fest, and bring the workshops to us in Liverpool! We are now on Physical Fest 7, and people come from all over the world to take part in the unique eight day festival as it’s the only specialised physical theatre workshop festival in Europe. We also get the chance to bring some great shows to Liverpool and some northwest premieres from amazing artists who’ve never been to Liverpool such as Yoshi Oida and Derevo.

Why should people come to see Double Bill and Fest Live?

The double bill is an excellent chance to see two highly skilled companies with very different styles of work in one evening. Some Other Future is an all male beautiful and moving duet with dancers from the fantastic Scottish Dance Theatre. this short piece is followed by The Big Smoke from Theatre Ad Infinitum. We’ve been following the company since we came across their first piece, Behind the Mirror in Edinburgh in 2008 which we loved. they create really skillful, captivating and interesting work and last came to the Unity with the one man show, The Oddessy. This show is a solo from the female in the company and is a unique and touching exploration of madness.

What does Unity Theatre mean to you?

The Unity Theatre have supported our company since it’s inception, our first three shows premiered there and we have benefitted greatly from the support and encouragement from Artistic Director, Graeme Phillips and lighting designer from the technical manager Phil Saunders. I love the work the Unity brings to Liverpool and the theatre is a fantastic space to perform in. We are looking forward to premiering our new show when we return to the Unity next year!