Keeping up appearances!
June 4, 2011, 5:33 pm
Filed under: Marketing Desk

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last ‘Marketing Desk’ post, so I thought it might be time to update you all about what’s been going on in our corner of Unity Theatre!

The long awaited new box office system has an implementation date at last, yes we will be teched up to the max (maximum tecchin’), with the brilliant Spektrix system from Mon 25th July! The system will be a huge leap forward for us, no more booking fees online, online offers, as well as much faster and more efficient service at the box office AND much more targeted marketing (meaning we’ll be able to really send people the right amount of information rather than things they mightn’t necessarily be interested in!). We’re also looking at doing some of the ticketing for Liverpool’s 2nd coolest venue (after Unity of course) The Kazimier in the autumn as well as our good friends at LIPA which we’re all really excited about! For more information about our external ticketing then add a comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll get back to you!

Our next brochure is well underway and I can reveal that it will be pink! Not a gentle pink either, a startling bright pink! Rachael and Paul (Marketing Officers) are working hard to make sure this is our best ever brochure – no pressure! Keep a look out for it! The new season should be going online and onsale around 27 June (and we’ve got some brilliant shows) so if you’d like to order an advance e-copy from us just add a comment to the bottom of this page and we’ll get you on the mailing list asap!

The annual Christmas show now has a title, unfortunately I cannot reveal the details until a couple of weeks time, but it’s going to be a big change for us with the welcome return of a brilliant director to create the most magical production Unity has seen (fingers-crossed!). We’ve commissioned some beautiful artwork from a lovely designer Jessica Woodhouse so we’ll keep you informed of how that’s coming along as sketches and images start arriving with us!

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

This week we’ve been showing: Double Bill, Fest Live and Blind Faith. Feedback for all the shows has been fantastic, particularly Fest Live where 5 up-and-coming new physical theatre companies performed new pieces for the bargain price of just £6 – several 10 out of 10 ratings on the comment cards!! We also got chance to see the quirkily wonderful Blind Faith presented by the Madhatters. Set at T-In-The-Park in 2010 it’s a raucous energetic show with some extremely talented young actors – imagine Skins but more sweary and funnier!!  And I almost forgot the beautiful performance by the Splatt’s kids on friday, the best show about pants saving the world there has ever been – well done all involved!

Anyway, enough from the marketing desk for now – we’re currently looking for advertisers for our brochure (for more information check out this page http://unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk/support/corporateangels.html ) so much work to be done!

Hope to see you at Unity soon!

Best, Sam (Marketing Manager)


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