Meet the staff! Rachael (Marketing & Press Officer)
April 15, 2011, 11:34 am
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I’m Rachael and I work as the Marketing and Press Officer for Unity Theatre. I’ve been in this role for about 3 years now, with the 3 years before that spent between Marketing and Box Office. In total I’ve worked here for 6 years!

What do I do?

The job itself is a very busy one – due to the turnover of shows we have on here at Unity – normally about 4 – 5 per week – each one a different genre from the next so if you can imagine the amount of marketing activity for one show and times that by 5! My role includes writing press releases, updating and adding content onto the website, using twitter and other social media forms, managing mail outs, attending meetings and communication with our audience and people who use the building!

I also make sure that my other members of my team are behaving themselves – I am the only girl in our department!

I’m the longest standing member of the team here which means I have the most past knowledge about shows and companies that have visited Unity. I’m not sure if this is always a good thing as it’s questions-a-plenty all the time!

How did you get into the job?

I applied for a part time position as a Ticket Office Assistant many moons ago after I’d finished my Degree.  It’s very amusing because I actually didn’t get the job first time round but then the position became available again after a week or so and Unity were in desperate need of someone to start right away so I said yes. I’m not mentioning any names who didn’t employ me the first time round but he’s now the Marketing Manager at The Empire Theatre, Liverpool (now good friends!).

After working on the Ticket Office for about a year I became interested in Marketing. I took on extra roles in the marketing department such as distribution, organising mailings etc –I would throw my hand to anything! A position came up to cover the Marketing Assistant role so I snapped it up and I’ve been here ever since. Eeek!

What have you achieved since joining?

So much is the short answer! Not only have I learnt many things about Arts Marketing, but a huge amount about how arts organisations work. I’ve been here though the lead up to the Capital of Culture which was so exciting. There was such a buzz beforehand and during in the city. I got to experience many exciting shows, performance and events and be central and involved in it. I feel very privileged to have been a part of such a changing time to the city of Liverpool.

Not only have I achieved lots with the organisation, but on a personal level I’ve had the opportunity to take up different forms of training. I’ve completed the TMA  Druidstones’ Essentials In Marketing course in 2009, been to various AMA conferences and Seminars, First Aid Courses and most recently I completed and NVQ Level 5 in Business Management. Unity have been very supportive in helping me in my own personal development- so thank you!

Best parts to the job?

One of the best parts of my job is given the opportunity to watch some amazing shows. Before starting at Unity I had limited theatrical knowledge (can I write that?).  Another great part of the job is the opportunity to meet so many different people ranging from actors, community workers, workshop leaders, councillors, as well as many other Arts Marketing ‘folk’ from other organisations. You also get another 20 or so Christmas cards (if you’re lucky!!) which is great! I enjoy working with such a lovely bunch of people. We are like a little family here at Unity which I doubt it’s like in many other larger organisations.

Most difficult parts of the job?

I guess the long days – often when there is a press night you don’t leave the theatre until 11pm on some nights. The workload can be heavy sometimes but in the end the result of an audience makes it worth the efforts. The good points always outweigh the bad. I tend to be asked constantly by my friends ‘ when’s that play on?’  or ‘Are there any tickets left???’ In which case I reply – take a look at our website http://www.unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk

Oh dear did I just end on that?


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Hi Rachel,

I am a third year Drama student a Liverpool john mores university and I am currently seeking a 100 hour placement which is Drama related.
I really enjoy the work that takes place at the Unity for its diversity and creativity and i have also seen many past shows such as Gold Mountain for example I which I studied further. I am also planning to see upcoming shows such as Next and Duet for one.
I would appreciate having an opportunity to work within the Unity as part of the marketing and press office department may this just be shadowing somebody or getting more involved. I just feel this area of the theatre is somewhere i would like to learn and expand more on and it has always been a huge interest of mine besides Acting.

I hope to hear from you soon, if you could please contact me via email or phone.

Thank You

Yasmin Lord – Pottinger

Mobile :

Comment by Yasmin Lord Pottinger

Thank you for this great blog. BS77

Comment by BloggerSub

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