So, what do the wonderful staff at unity actually do? Meet Sam!
April 11, 2011, 2:42 pm
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Sam Freeman – Marketing Manager

So Sam what are your day-to-day tasks at unity?

My day to day tasks vary massively, essentially I’m responsible for the overall communications of Unity Theatre, so everything from brochures, websites and e-mails to looking at organisational marketing strategy and budgeting. It’s a really challenging job but also incredibly fun. Most people imagine that Marketing and PR are really boring, but it’s increasingly less about marketing to an audience and instead looking at how we interact and provide our audience with a better, more enjoyable experience. We’re often at the centre of discussions within the organisation from an administrative perspective so it’s fast-moving, constant and pretty intense!

How long have you worked at unity?

I’m the new boy at the theatre having been here since June 2010! Previously I worked at York Theatre Royal as Marketing Officer and as Artistic Director for TakeOver ’09.

What have you enjoyed since working at unity?

It’s been great to come into an organisation at a point of development where, because of the cuts, we have had to look at all aspects of both our marketing but also the entire organisation. This creates great opportunity to define our focus, really find who we want to be and look to the future and think ambitiously about what we want to achieve. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great productions, Gold Mountain as an international co-production with French Canadian company Les Deux Mondes creating bi-lingual print and a massive campaign but also For The Best which got amazing 5 star reviews and meant liaising with 8+ partners. I’m also really lucky to have a great team around me!

Is there anything you would change about unity or your job?

I’m not sure I’d change anything about Unity. I say that while having a Marketing strategy with 9 pages of things to achieve to make sure we’re the best theatre in Merseyside/North West/ Northern England/The World by the end of the plan.. I’m a little competitive and want us to be the best. It’s a job where the phrase ‘good enough’ should never be used. If anyone has any suggestions I’m always happy to listen (or indeed grab a coffee to talk them through)!

Check back soon where we’ll have another unity staff member talking about what they do at unity and what it means to them.


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