Seeing into the future of comedy…
February 28, 2011, 6:20 pm
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Hello! Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend!

We’ve been working on our new brochure which opens with the brilliant Liverpool Comedy Festival and 13 shows from some of the UKs best comedians!

With maybe the exception of Russell Kane and Arthur Smith none of these comedians are everyday names who you’d recognize in an instant and be able to tell one of their trademark jokes (“Man Drawer” anyone?). So why should you go to the festival? I was thinking about this and I started to consider the names who have performed just before they were famous.. Now if you consider that these people were unknown at the time they performed, in a way the 18 people who saw Mark Watson, saw a star of tomorrow.. They can stand firm and say “I saw them before they made it” with a sense of pride!

Here’s just a sample of the names who’ve performed at Unity…

Rhod Gilbert
Richard Herring
Dara O’Brien
Andy Parsons
Reginald D Hunter
Russell Howard
Jimmy Carr
Dan Kitson
Jason Byrne
John Bishop
Jason Manford
Mark Watson
Stewart Lee (My favourite comedian!!)
Josie Long
Jerry Sadowitz

Suddenly the idea of  risking £8 on an unknown at the comedy festival doesn’t seem like a risk? I’m really excited this year because we’ve got the following comedians: Alfie Joey, Tim Fitzhigham, Simon Munnery, Pete Firman, Andi Osho and Lloyd Langford.. Who knows, maybe next time they’re in Liverpool they’ll be at the Echo Arena instead!

Hope to see you there!


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