What we watched this week!
February 18, 2011, 4:51 pm
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It’s the end of a busy week here at Unity Theatre and with my desk buried somewhere underneath a pile of brochure covers, pens, leaflets, a laptop, the Philharmonic’s neon brochure, Cranberry juice and three calculators (why three??? I’m not sure how it came to three…), i though that it would be important (prior to the weekly cleanup operation) to reflect on the show’s we’ve had on!

Beachy Head – (Tue)
Up and coming Analogue Theatre (who were featured in The Observer, The Guardian and The Independent the week prior) brought their multimedia show about one man’s suicide and the fall out from human tragedy. Opening with some beautiful moments of live video work the show was fluid and captivating with some amazing imagery. A terrific review from Ian Hall (Read Here...) perfectly summed up with “Much praise should be left at the writer’s door for the accurate and sensitive way that this type of human tragedy can have devastating effect on others.” Praise should also go to the cast and director for plotting out such a technical and physically vigorous show with accuracy!

Storm In A Teacup – (Wed)
Summed up pretty well in our office as “beautiful”. Aimed at 4- 7 years olds it had the staff who sneaked into the 4pm show laughing away. Some brilliant puppetry (which the kids were able to see up close after the show)!  See this piece, it’s lovely, it’s heartwarming and it’s extremely clever theatrically!

Neil Innes – (Thu)
I have to confess, I didn’t really know who Neil Innes was. I’d seen The Rutles and Monty Python but was a little unaware about his cult status. Luckily the man who plays 6 different instruments in two 45min acts showed that he wasn’t resting on his past reputation with some wisecracking songs, audience participation, tales of The Beatles, and an eye watering song about Democracy. Combining astute political observation with genuine but funny songwriting is quite a skill, all while conducting an audience in foot stamping, choruses and raspberry blowing.

Did you see any of the shows this week? If so then let us know what you thought!


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