Brochures, brochures, brochures…
February 8, 2011, 1:34 pm
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We’re heading into deepest darkest February and with the Spring season successfully underway, two sell-out shows under our belt and Arts Council National Portfolio applications completed we find ourselves changing our focus to all things brochure based!

Over the past 6 – 8 months we’ve been looking closely at our brochure and how we can make it better, more competitive, easier to read and perhaps even a little easier to find! After sending out a design brief two weeks ago we spent last week and Monday morning deliberating over some excellent tenders – all innovative, a little different and quirky in search of a design and style that will lead us through the next 2 years!

We’ve become epic advocates of extensive brochure research, (I have over 100 brochures above my desk, all annotated… Scary!) and some of our favourites have been Glasgow Tron, Harrogate Theatre, Bush Theatre, Manchester Royal Exchange and the National Theatre.

All this work has, of course, to have a point, and we’re embarking on period of change to move Unity from being Liverpool’s “hidden gem” to being a “shining visible diamond”. We want to retain our quirky, different, friendly feel but also look to find ways in which more people can have a great time at our theatre. We’re also looking to the future, questioning how we better interact with audience (increasingly digitally rather than in person), and how our brochure can help us with and to an extent enable that transition.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in our brochures then please let us know! What’s missing from our current edition? Does the map work? Do you want to know more about behind the scenes, or should we just keep it simple and not overload you? Would personal recommendations help? Do genre classifications help you?

In the next couple of week’s we’ll be sharing our progress for our brochure development so keep an eye on this space!


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