Friday, where plans are made!
January 14, 2011, 5:51 pm
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It’s Friday and as I find myself on the cusp of the weekend invariably I get distracted by some of our ambitions (as a marketing department…) for the next 12 months. There seems to be something about the end of the week, particularly late on a Friday which sends random ideas into my head and inevitably onto a piece of paper on my desk. However this week will be different, I thought it’d be interesting to share some of these ideas we have. I’m not sure how interesting they’ll be, after all the niche world of arts marketing isn’t particularly thrilling to everyone.. But here goes, some selected highlights!

  • We want to develop our website more to make it easier to use but also combine our online and offline branding a little more. I want people to be able to comment on shows, add reviews and give us feedback, so enabling this in a more unified way will be swell.
  • We want to make our box office system better, at the moment any special offers we do have to be conducted through the telephone or by wandering in.. Booking online with a discount code would be really great!
  • We’d like to get our customers offers at other local venues, restaurants and shops. I’m not quite sure how we do this yet.. But it’s a nice ambition. I think it’d be great if you could make your entire evening out more value-filled and easier to book perhaps?
  • More videos! I like finding out what’s on and having a sneak preview..
  • Offering advice, secondments and perhaps even training to anyone in the arts who’d like some help..
  • Cut down the amount of print we send out.. It’s a bit greener and saves the planet as well as is loads more cost effective. I also suspect (i’m not sure suspect.. but perhaps know) that the less time stuffing envelopes then the more time will be available to make our marketing more targeted and also more useful.
  • Make sure that our pricing is as valueful (is that an invented word?) as possible? Making sure that anyone, regardless of wealth has access to high quality theatre.
  • Develop more events: Thinking about workshops, acting for adults, yoga, writing classes, book groups.. We want to use our spaces more..

These are a selection of the ideas (the full list has over 60 points… nothing quite like ambition…) .. Tell me what you think…

Cheers and have a great weekend!


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Re online booking

Your online booking fee is the most expensive of the local theatre’s, Playhouse/Everyman/Phil
all cheaper,why?
Why is it cheaper to book over the phone,surely
online booking should be the lowest cost.

Comment by John Jackson

Hi John, Thanks for your comment – We dropped you an e-mail but we wanted to publish your comment. We’re working on our new box office system for implimenting in July which should mean no-booking fees at all. Fingers crossed. Watch this space! Best Wishes.

Comment by unitytheatre

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