Marketing and Cake
December 16, 2010, 5:01 pm
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Hello and welcome to the unitytheatre blog and particularly welcome to the first blog posted in the “Marketing Desk” category!

We wanted to find a way of being able to talk with you more easily in a more friendly, informal and maybe chatty way so we thought this could be the ideal forum to do this. But first to introductions: The Marketing Department consists of Sam (Marketing Manager, me…), Rachael (Marketing and Communications Officer), Paul (Marketing and Distribution Officer), Ged (Box Office Co-Ordinator) and an array of other staff who work regularly on our box office! We’ll explain what we all do at a later date!

This week we’ve just finalised our season brochure (check it out on our website) which will be hitting doorsteps in early January and has a huge amount of shows inside. We’ve been working to make our brochure easier to read and access over the last few months with a developed cleaner interior, shorter more concise copy, some colour coding and genre marking so you can get an idea of what all the shows are like. I found when I started at unitytheatre that I missed some shows which were fantastic because I wasn’t sure what they were about or why they’d be of interest to me, and some of the information hard to read and get excited about. Hopefully we should have sorted this a bit more: I can honestly say that there isn’t a single show in our new season I’m not interested in seeing! If you have any suggestions then please give them by commenting on this post!

In other exciting news this week (apart from our brilliant Christmas Show The Red Shoes and Terry Titter’s Christmas Caper) is the delivery of some beautiful cakes from the Camp Cupcake company from a theatre company we’ve helped out in London! Possibly the best cupcakes I have ever eaten… Highly recommended! Cakes will probably be mentioned regularly in this blog, we’re very much a cake-centric organisation, (is this common to all organisations?) the other obscure mention will be “The Drawer of Glee” which is not (as someone suggested) where we keep member of Glee locked up but is instead a drawer filled with an array of chocolate, sweets and other tasty delights…

So yes, here is our first blog entry, a little about marketing and a lot about cake.

Keep in touch and tell us what you think!

Best, Sam.


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